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Workshop: Break Through Your Personal Glass Ceiling(s) to Thrive

  • Cedar Sanctuary 21407 Northeast 6th Place Sammamish, WA, 98074 United States (map)

How much of a good (and great) time, how much success and fulfillment, are you willing to have? How much are you willing to manifest in 2019?

Most of us unconsciously sabotage how much fun, joy and success we experience day to day in leadership/work, life and love. When we hit our self-imposed glass ceiling or Upper Limit (UL) of having a good time, we subconsciously create drama and problems to bring ourselves back down and create what is called an Upper Limit Problem (ULP, sounds like gulp) by Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks,

Every egoic being has an Upper Limit. We got our first one installed by our family of origin, and our opportunity in this life is to continuously break through and raise it. Likely you have raised yours. And it’s also likely that you’ve still got a limit that’s lower than your soul can reach. Imagine having everything, absolutely everything your higher self wants, right now – do you start to get a bit fuzzy and dizzy? – if so, that is your UL in action.

Learn to identify your ULPs, your habits and patterns, and to shift them, in friendly and fun ways. After all, blaming yourself for not raising your UL is really just an ULP too!

This workshop will be held on Monday June 17, 7-9:30pm at Cedar Sanctuary, 21407 NE 6th Pl, Sammamish, WA 98074.

The 2.5-hour workshop is $35 if paid in advance at or $45 at the door. If you prefer an invoice, reach out to or 720-352-2434.

Laureli Shimayo has been teaching and coaching people for 10+ years. She is a graduate of Gay & Katie Hendricks’ 2-year Leadership & Transformation program. Laureli is a Body Psychology Coach, Intuitive Eye Reader, and Emotional Energy Healer. Learn more at

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