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Body Psychology & Intuitive Eye Readings

from her interview on Align with God-dess: How to Live Spiritual Life in this Tangible World with Purpose and Abundance with Dr. Molly Casey, DC. 

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Exercises & Tips for Expanding
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by Laureli Shimayo

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Laureli is a leadership, life and love coach. Her specialities are ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Readings, Body Psychology, life purpose, career path and resumes, hiring, relationships, matchmaking and conscious online dating. Learn more here.

“Your reading for me was life changing!” – Intuitive Practitioner

“After my first meeting with you, I felt truly happy for the first time in decades.” – Entrepreneur

“More value in 30 minutes than 5 years of therapy!” – Pair of Business & Romantic Partners

“Very validating! You gave me blindspots to watch out for and ideas for when I’m stuck.” – Entrepreneur

“What a wonderful experience it was indeed…I felt so safe to be vulnerable, connected and belong. I am ready for my next step now and have all my tools in hand.” – 33+ Tools for Getting Unstuck Class Attendee

“The love and genuineness exude from this place.” – Conscious Gathering Attendee

“Now I’m finally dating like me, and I feel more confident!”  Consultant, Entrepreneur