The Power of Photos that Shine Our Authenticity, Our Talents of ThriveTypes

This article on what type of photos to use for online dating gets it and totally misses the right points all at the same time. It is a great example of how people, including scientists, can follow their intuition in ways that sabotage their experiments and cloud their data. (I used to be a scientist.)

The Low Power photos invoke all sorts of problematic mirror neuron stimuli in the viewers - shame, doubt, sadness, guilt, etc. Not self-confident indeed!

The High Power photos not only show confident body postures which elicit a great mirror neuron response in the viewer, they also show people in contexts that express their Talents in #ThriveTypes.

The woman in the Low Power photo is NOT doing her #PriestTalent of expressing vision and inspiration.

The woman in the High Power photo IS savoring pleasure with her #ArtisanTalent.

The man in the Low Power photo is NOT using his #ArtisanTalent exploration of ideas or pleasure or following his #ScholarTalent curiosity.

The man in the High Power photo IS enjoying sensual pleasure of his #ArtisanTalent and physical action of his #WarriorTalent.

So while confidence and expansive, open postures have an impact - it is the AUTHENTICITY that shines through, I propose, that is really SO APPEALING to us and to others online.

The social scientists have no idea that they are introducing the confounding factor of authenticity and mature expression of one's #Talents into the mix.

If you want the most powerful online dating photos - show yourself confidently expressing your #Talents in #ThriveTypes. This what I have clients do. And I have them use words favored by their Talents and examples of them expressing their Talents in their written profile.

A person's natural Talents show in their eyes. You might be able to recognize your Talents, and they might be clouded by Masking. Learn more and discover your true Talents at

Dating Patterns & Purpose: A TEDx Style Talk on Video


Have you ever wondered why you’ve dated who you’ve dated and what these people all have in common besides that they dated you? In this TEDx style talk delivered to members of our conscious community (thanks to Tate Sprite’s brilliant idea!), I give you the likely answer, using the example of my own personal journey.

I explain the 4 Lessons of Love simply, using the backdrop of the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes to illustrate my point. I’m a dating coach and matchmaker – these are the tools I use to support people being authentic, being true to themselves, and choosing dating partners who support them on this growth journey.

Embodying these lessons and choosing others on a parallel or perhaps the same journey is how we find our soulmate. Recognizing how these patterns have played out in our own romantic lives opens your eyes so you see many new people whom you’ve never seen before. Abundance and deep connection, intimacy and co-creativity await you…

Contact me to learn more about my online dating coaching and matchmaking or come to a class or coaching group. Plus I plan to host conscious speed dating events again soon!