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Laureli Shimayo

Laureli has a brilliantly insightful and intuitive mind together with an engaging and present heart. Her passion is ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Readings which she combines with training in Body Psychology, several modalities of psychotherapy, leadership+life+love coaching and business consulting. Laureli mixes science with the art of claircognizance, clairsentience and clairempathy to empower people to be their true selves.

In ThriveTypes, Laureli has Scholar Knowledge, Warrior Efficiency and Sage Communication Talents, Growth Motivation, Think Feel Act to Fluid Communication, Variable Decision-Making, Switchable-Fluid Defense, Variable Pacing, and Fulfillment-Presence World View.

Laureli shares Intuitive Eye Readings with ThriveTypes everywhere by video, as part of the Shamanation.co community, and also at local venues in the northwest including East West Bookshop in Seattle and New Renaissance Bookshop in Portland. Laureli also organizes Intuitive Galleries of Metaphysical and Healing Arts throughout the Northwest.



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