If we are meeting for a ThriveTypes Assessment or Intuitive Eye Reading, there are some photos you’ll want to gather. Depending upon what type of session we’re doing, you can send the photos to me in advance or you can bring them to our session (see below).

Please identify 2-3+ photos of you that show your eyes well and are ideally casual and candid. More photos are better. Simple selfies are fine. Also ideally find 2-3 photos each of your parents and of any other important caregivers (older sibs, nanny, grandparent).

You may also include a few photos of anyone else relevant to our conversation – exes (particularly if we are meeting about matchmaking/dating), current partner, kids, colleagues, etc.

To send

or not to send…

For packages, I want to prepare a report on you ahead of time. Please label all your photos so I easily know who everyone is and send them to me at at least 2 days before our session.

For sessions that are by the hour (or minute), you can optionally send labeled photos to me at with 1) instructions to prepare ahead (and I’ll record my time and include it on our invoice) or 2) instructions to wait until we meet, and then we’ll look at everything together. Alternatively, gather your photos and don’t send them - wait until we are together to show them to me by sharing your screen in our zoom video call.