ThriveTypes are a set of archetypes that promote thriving. ThriveTypes clarify who we really are. They cut through any misleading beliefs we have about ourselves and shine light on our true core.

We reveal our ThriveTypes primarily through our eyes and also where we focus our attention, and through our facial micro-expressions, postures, gestures, word choices, the tone of our voice, body movements, and many other behaviors.

Recognizing who we truly are can empower and liberate us in all areas of how we lead, live and love. Our ThriveTypes reveal our purpose and genius; they point towards what, how and with whom we are likely to experience the most joy, fulfillment, and success. Our ThriveTypes also point to how we can most easily be of service. Sadly, most of us don't express all of our ThriveTypes because they are covered up with Masks. [I've provided so much information on this website to have it be a resource for you and others, however you might mislead yourself and others because of blind zones that are actually Masks - take care!]

Recognizing the ThriveTypes of others allows us to more deeply honor their uniqueness and empower them to share their greatest gifts.

ThriveTypes are most accurately assessed with Intuitive Eye Readings done in person, by video or with photos.

Imagine what you'll do when you know your ThriveTypes!

Reach out to us to learn more or get a ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Reading Assessment for yourself or someone you're wondering about!

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The 7 Talents

The 7 Talents are one of the most important traits of ThriveTypes. Look below to explore which 3 Talents might be yours. To learn about all the ThriveTypes, click here. Also check out our new book!

Explore each Talent more deeply below, or to first get an overview of all the Talents, why their order matters, and a preview of their lessons, click here.

The 7 Talents