Learn to Read Eyes: The 7 Talents in 7 Classes

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Join Laureli, Intuitive Eye Reader, Coach and Author, for a deep dive into all the Talents and how to read them in people. You’ll also receive insight into how to use ThriveTypes to tune a career path, find compatible romantic partners, recognize and achieve a soul or life purpose, grow spiritually, and much more.

Reading Eyes to recognize a person’s Talents empowers Sales conversations, Hiring interviews, Therapy/Coaching sessions, Managing/Supervising conversation, Course Design (e.g., learning styles), all Relationship interactions and Dating choices - as well as many other things.

The full course includes detailed notes, info on each Talent’s light and shadow traits, growth lessons, childhood patterns, representative quotes, coaching tips, many photos of famous people so you can practice, photo tests, plus some experiential exercises so you get the feeling of each Talent and much more!

The Course on how to read each of the 7 Talents in people’s eyes is available:

  • Free Intro Class - contact Laureli for the recorded video and slide presentation

  • Online Live in September 2019 - see dates below (starts TODAY 9/4, classes are recorded in case you miss one), join us at 6:30pm at https://zoom.us/j/242097199 (see class fees and payment instructions below)

  • By Pre-Recorded Videos (from a class in 2017 and the new classes in September 2019 as they are made)

You'll learn so much about the 7 Talents, discover how to recognize them in people, get to ask lots of questions, show photos of people you know, get feedback about your own Talents, etc.

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A pre-recorded video of the intro class is available upon request. I recommend watching the intro class before you dive in. You can also get an overview by reading about the 7 Talents on this website or ordering my book (instead of Amazon, if you order directly from me, I earn a small amount).

If you are ready for the deep dive, let's go! Contact Laureli sign up for the live September series or individual classes OR order and watch the recorded individual classes or full course (includes downloadable handouts and PDF of entire presentations discussed in each of the 7 video classes).

The series of classes is listed on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pg/thrivetypes/events/

All Online Classes will be at: https://zoom.us/j/242097199




$250/Course (7)

Class Location



Series Classes are

6:30-9pm PT

Location & Time

Wednesday August 28, 6:30-8pm PT

Monday September 2, 5-7pm PT

Wednesday September 4, 6:30-9pm PT

Sunday September 8, 6:30-9pm PT

Wednesday September 11, 6:30-9pm PT

Thursday September 12, 6:30-9pm PT

Sunday September 15, 6:30-9pm PT

Thursday September 19, 6:30-9pm PT

Sunday September 22, 6:30-9pm PT

Location & Time

Learn to Read Eyes Class(es)


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Recorded Videos: $30 each, $190 for the set of 7

Live Video Classes Online: $40 each, $250 for set of 7

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