Everyone has a natural rhythm at which they feel most at ease. This is the rhythm or Pacing at which they most easily integrate their experiences, communicate, and contribute. This is true for inner processing as well as outer actions and interactions with others. 

Some people are more Leisurely, wanting to consider and often discuss one topic more slowly and for a longer time before moving on. Others are more Quick, wanting to rapidly explore, share and jump around from topic to topic, layering back to previous topics several times before completion. Quicker people get frustrated with others’ Leisurely Pacing, and Leisurely people get exhausted with others’ pressure to keep moving Quickly ahead. Both Quick and Leisurely Paced people can be similarly intelligent and provide brilliant, deep, and insightful ideas and participation – more Leisurely people do it in one big chunk that can seem to some like molasses, and Quicker people do it in smaller bits that can seem to others like rapid fire.

Like all traits, we can also experience Masks over our natural Pacing. Forcing ourselves to go any Pacing that is not natural can be draining for us and annoying to others. Pacing Masks can be noticed when a person feels nervous or scared because they go faster or slower than they normally do when at ease. Some people feel stressed much of the time, and consistently go at a pressured or dragged Pace. As we learn to simultaneously honor our own Pacing and meet others in their Pacing, we become more flexible and acquire the capacity for a greater natural range of Pacing.

Pacing is determined on a scale of 0-100, with 50 being average or Mid Paced. Most people fall in a range between 30-70. Each person has one specific numerical Pacing or a range that is most authentic.


30-45 is Leisurely Paced

• 45-55 is Mid Paced

• 55-70 is Quick Paced

• Variable Paced people have a natural range of ~20 points (e.g., 40-60)

Fluid Paced people flow naturally throughout the entire range


When around others with very different Pacing, it is helpful for everyone to take breaks. All people can become Variable Paced and then Fluid Paced as they grow.