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Identify 5 Feelings + 4 Fears in Your Body to Increase Presence and Flow in Seattle

  • East West Books 6407 12th Avenue Northeast Seattle, WA, 98115 United States (map)

Just like there are primary colors, there are also primary or core feelings. We’ll explore the 5 core feelings: Mad, Sad, Scared, Joyous and Sexual (aka Aliveness and Creativity).

Through exercises, you’ll expand your capacity to experience, notice, be in the presence of, express and receive these core feelings. You’ll learn to notice sensations in your body as clues to how you feel and also become more empathic by recognizing what feelings are likely experienced by others, because, while everyone is unique, there are common feeling zones in the body.

We’ll also explore the 4 Fears: Fight, Flee, Freeze and Faint, and their Melters or Antidotes: Ooze, Sumo, Wiggle and Love Hold to increase your flow in the moment.