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ThriveTypes Eye Readings at the Intuitive Gallery

At each “Gallery” event, a diverse array of intuitive practitioners gather to share their offerings with the public. We rotate practitioners each month to provide variety and empower our growing community.

We have a diverse array of practitioners for this event! Crystal Readings with Susan, Divination Readings with Heidi, Eye Readings with Laureli, Medium Readings with James, Intuitive Readings with Kacey, Sound and Energy Healing with Sonya, Body Work with Lea, Intuitive Readings with Kirstin, Energy Healing with Mikael, and Massage and Energy work with Jaci. Come see what we are all about and bring your friends!

We’re here to help you connect with your higher self, welcome in the light, heal emotional and physical hurts, answer mysterious questions, discover your life purpose, connect with your guides and lost loved ones, open to your gifts and bring new peace and joy. We have many modalities of healers and readers, such as: energy healers, channelers, crystal guides, tarot readers, astrologers, medical intuitives, emotional modulators, sound healers, bodyworkers, mediums, intuitives, Akashic record readers, eye readers, and much more.

There is no charge at the door, and each station will have a donation or fee (lower than typical) for their services. Come see what we are all about and bring your friends!

4/2, 7-10pm @ the Genius Place 2354 SE 59th Ave, Portland OR 97215

If you’d like to share your work in this or a future event, please reach out to