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Online Summit – Radiate & Attract Love NOW: How to Live a Passion-Driven Life & Attract Your Divine Soulmate

  • Seattle, WA (map)

Join this free online event with 25 speakers sharing about love, relationships, women's empowerment, creativity, attraction and passion to find out how your passions are a doorway to your soulmate. Join the summit here: The Summit runs from June 1st-June 14th.

Laureli Shimayo will be interviewed on Sunday June 12 about how she uses ThriveTypes Eye Readings and the 4 Lessons of Love to find your soulmate. She used conscious online dating – searching through dates’ eyes to find her own soulmate, and they just moved in together – you’ll get to hear a bit about their story too. Laureli is passionate about helping you find your soulmate, divine match, inspiration, or simply your next great partner on your growth and evolution journey. Laureli has been a matchmaker and dating coach for 7 years. Download her 19-page booklet about how you can use your EYES to find your soulmate at Because, after all, EYES Are a Window to Your SOUL-MATE!

The summit is hosted by Bex Burton – a dating coach, hoop dancer and bodyworker. After getting fired and heartbroken all in the same week, Bex chose to pour her love and energy into her passion for hula hoop dance and community. She dreamed up the biggest, most ambitious performance she’d ever created: a choreographed dance for fifty hula hoopers.

She noticed one day that the music she was dancing to spelled out a love story. Little did she know that it would also attract an extraordinary man into her life, who would see her in her full, radiant, passion-driven authenticity!

On their first date, he offered to film the performance, and just a week later on the day of the show, out on the dance floor with her tribe gathered around her, it hit her that the love story she wrote in her dance was her very own —that this man had been her muse before they ever met, and they are happily married today!

The journey Bex went through to find her Divine Soulmate inspired her to help other women all over the world just like you, finally go after the life you've always dreamt of living, and in doing so, become so magnetic that you attract a man who wants nothing more than to share the rest of his life with you.
And I'm really excited to share with you a special online event Bex has put together, because I know a lot of women in my community also have a desire to live a passion-driven life, and by doing so, call in their soulmate.

CLICK HERE: to join Bex and me in this FREE Event:
Radiate & Attract Love NOW.

How to live a passion-driven life and attract your Divine Soulmate

Hosted by Bex Burton
starting on June 1st (and totally free!)

In addition to myself, Bex has interviewed over 25 bright minds in the areas of love, relationships, women's empowerment, creativity, attraction and passion, for you to listen in, drink up our wisdom, and receive simple tools and strategies so you too, can create the life you want deep in your soul.

This series is going to help you:
- Light the fire under your ass to go for the things you want most in life
- Feel more feminine and flirty so men get the right message and feel welcome to approach
- Feel confident in your own skin, regardless of the circumstances, so you don't get hurt again
- Finally find your Divine Soulmate, no matter where you live, where you work, and no matter how many things you've tried.
- Listening in is easy, (you can tune in as long as you have a phone), and signing up is even easier!

Just click here:

Imagine the feeling of waking up loving the life you have created, and the adoring man by your side you've attracted in the process.

Wouldn't that feel amazing?

This free online event will show you how.

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