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Free Online Class on ThriveTypes Eye Readings: 7 Talents for Life Purpose, Career, Matchmaking + More

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Because your eyes are the window to your soul, they make a great guide for finding your soul/life purpose, choosing fulfilling career directions, selecting well-matched romantic partners and charting your optimal growth journey for rapid progress and big leaps!

In this FREE online class, Laureli Shimayo will introduce the ThriveTypes® archetypes and focus in on the 7 Talents that describe a person’s natural skills, abilities and values. ThriveTypes empower and accelerate:

– Leading authentically, motivating people, making strategic HR decisions, promoting yourself

– Living true to yourself, discovering your purpose and genius, honoring diversity, choosing a fulfilling career direction, raising conscious kids

– Loving spaciously, ending unhealthy relationship patterns, identifying compatible dates, matchmaking, confirming your choice to stay or go

If you are interested, Laureli will also share a glimpse of your personal ThriveTypes. Join us by video so she can see your eyes and micro facial movements! Time allowing, Laureli may be able to glance at photos of others in your life as well.

Learn more about the 7 Talents below and all of the ThriveTypes at

In preparation for the FREE class, download and then on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at

3:30-5pm Pacific Time (PT)

4:30-6pm Mountain Time (MT)

5:30-7pm Central Time (CT)

6:30-8pm Eastern Time (ET)

Join the webinar at

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Laureli Shimayo has been using ThriveTypes with people, partners, teams and organizations for over 10 years, combining them with extensive training in somatic psychology, emotional and body wisdom, and various coaching modalities. She is a strategic, intuitive coach and connectress – connecting knowledge into a useful map, organizations with ways to win their game, people with their purpose and fulfilling career paths, complementary teammates and partners to each other, and people into deeper connection.

Details on ThriveTypes Eye Readings, assessments and coaching packages are available upon request.

Laureli Shimayo