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Get an Eye Reading with ThriveTypes - A Drop-In Online Event

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Laureli will provide ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Readings of participants during the event.

ThriveTypes are a set of archetypes that promote thriving. ThriveTypes clarify who we really are. They cut through any misleading beliefs we have about ourselves and shine light on our true core.

We reveal our ThriveTypes primarily through our eyes and also where we focus our attention, and through our facial micro expressions, postures, gestures, word choices, the tone of our voice, body movements, and many other behaviors.

Recognizing who we truly are can empower and liberate us in all areas of how we lead, live and love. Our ThriveTypes reveal our purpose and genius; they point towards what, how and with whom we are likely to experience the most joy, fulfillment, and success. Our ThriveTypes also point to how we can most easily be of service.

Recognizing the ThriveTypes of others allows us to more deeply honor their uniqueness and empower them to share their greatest gifts.

Imagine what you'll do when you Know Your ThriveTypes!

During this online event, Laureli will read the ThriveTypes of the participating audience. You are welcome to attend and watch and not have your eyes read. Laureli will read people's eyes based on how she sees them in the video and in photos they bring and either share on their screen or email to her before or during the event at

Online events are held using Download the free software and then join us ideally by video (so you can see handouts and show yourself and photos for Laureli to assess) at

Tuesday June 14 Online @

6-8pm PT

7-9pm MT

8-10pm CT

9-11pm ET

$20 whether paid ahead or “at the door”

You can pay here on our website below ( or e-mail to have us send you an invoice.

Pay $20 to participate in this online event and optionally get a ThriveTypes Eye Reading