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Conscious Online Dating with ThriveTypes + The 4 Lessons of Love - An Online Class

  • Online @ Seattle (map)

Because eyes are a window to the soul, they are a great way to find your soulmate. Learn the 4 Lessons of Love (and Dating/Relationships), explore the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes, receive mini eye readings of yourself and your exes or current attractions to realize your patterns, learn how to screen people to identify dates who are a better match, and discover how to write and tune your online dating profile to attract your soulmate.

This online class is great for both newbie online daters and savvy experts. A copy of the recording and handouts will be available.

The 4 Lessons of Love are 4 typical attraction patterns that correlate with our consciousness evolution. As we grow through developmental stages, learning to accept and love who we are, who we are attracted to and how we interact with them changes. Dating and romantic relationships are a great way to observe our patterns and to shift them and grow.

I see where people are in the 4 Lessons of Love by doing ThriveTypes Eye Readings (to learn more, got to and comparing what I see in them to what I see in the eyes of people they are attracted to. This is why online dating is so powerful. We can assess our patterns without ever going on a date! We can also begin to change our patterns without ever going on a date! (This can involve a bit of coaching – or maybe a new class series!) When ready to go on a date, we can choose people that are a perfect fit for the lesson we’re at – stretching us just enough that we can integrate, embody, and grow even more! And of course, the best-matched partners will grow with us, at the pace we want…

When I read a person’s eyes with ThriveTypes, I look at all of their traits. The traits that allow our patterns to be most obvious and that typically allow us to make the biggest and quickest shifts are the 7 Talents. I’ll share the basics on the 7 Talents – their gifts, triggers and underbellies plus a bit about their lessons – so you can begin to recognize which Talents you have, which you don’t, and how to grow. I’ll also share what I believe are likely your Talents by reading your eyes. Bring photos of your parents and exes with you (in print, on your phone, on facebook, etc.).

Now on to conscious online dating – I’ll share the basics for those of you who have never done it before (or I’ll skip this if everyone has). Then we’ll look at how to write a profile and choose photos that represent who you really are and describe the type of deep connection you want. It’s okay if you scare off people who are not the right fit – you’ll attract those who are! We’ll also review how you can screen to identify people who are a better match and particularly avoid your old patterns. We’ll even look at how I suggest you write and respond to people. Bring your current online dating profile too, and I’ll give you some suggestions for edits.

Laureli Shimayo has been teaching, coaching and matchmaking people and businesses for over 10 years. She is a graduate of Gay & Katie Hendricks’ Leadership & Transformation 2-year program and has training and/or certification in ThriveTypes for Recognizing Genius, Body Psychology, Somatic Psychotherapy, Life & Relationship Coaching, and Business Coaching. Using ThriveTypes, Laureli completely changed her career and whom she dates. Bringing ThriveTypes to the world in useful ways is her purpose. Learn more about Laureli and her coaching for catalyzing authenticity, aliveness and great results at and more about ThriveTypes at

Online events are held using Download the free software and then join us ideally by video (so you can see handouts and show yourself and photos for Laureli to assess) at

Thursday June 30 Online @

6-8:15pm PT

7-9:15pm MT

8-10:15pm CT

9-11:15pm ET

$20 if paid ahead, $30 “at the door”

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