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Conscious Online Dating – An Ongoing Online Coaching Group

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Are you tired of the pain of online dating: scammers, liars, few replies, bad dates, and wasting time going nowhere of value?

Are you scared to do online dating because of stories about everything mentioned above and you’re scared of choosing dates and a partner with all the same problems again?

Are you conscious and authentic in so much of your life, and you want to go on conscious dates and create a conscious and authentic partnership?

Conscious Online Dating makes the process quick, easy and super effective at finding and connecting with conscious dates and creating conscious relationships! I’ve consciously matched myself and hundreds of others.

Conscious partners now live together, are engaged and are growing together!

I match people by their eyes. I know this might seem weird at first, but I bet you’ve head the phrase “Eyes are the window to the soul” and you have some sense that it is true - you know you’re missing a lot when you can’t see someone’s eyes.

In people’s eyes, I see and describe their soul using ThriveTypes® – a set of archetypes for thriving. I read people’s eyes with a combo of science and art. I call myself an Intuitive Eye Reader. I also happen to be a certified leadership, life and love coach with training in body psychology and degrees from UC Berkeley and Caltech.

Join my online group of dedicated, passionate, authentic online daters who are ready to be off the hamster wheel and into a fulfilling, aligned, conscious relationship. Now.

With ThriveTypes, you’ll:

·      clarify your contributions and needs in relationship
·      amp up the authenticity of your profile and photos
·      radiate your consciousness
·      identify and end old relationship patterns so you don’t repeat them
·      choose conscious dates who mirror you, see you and meet you plus authentically share themselves

With coaching, you’ll:

·      choose the best online dating sites
·      simplify writing and responding to dates
·      show up more authentically in all your romantic interactions
·      more easily say NO when someone is not right for you
·      shift and evolve your attractions
·      recognize potential soulmates and mirroring partners with increasing ease

You’ll likely start a new, fulfilling relationship within 2 months of coaching with me after we’ve looked at all your ThriveTypes, charted your relationship lessons and tuned your profile. I have gone on fewer than 6 dates every time I’ve been single during the last 6 years – before my next great relationship begins. I’ve met my last 4 partners online. I walk my talk. Get more background on ThriveTypes and dating below. My personal dating history is online in a 15 minute video:

Attend up to 4 sessions per month from ~7 each month to choose from.

Cost is $100/month and includes Laureli's 19-page Conscious Online Dating guide. Reach out to to register for the month.

Discounted private sessions and complete ThriveTypes readings are available to participants.

Everyone is welcome: all genders, ages, preferences, newbies and experienced online daters.

The session today is Fri Jan 20, 4-5:15pm PST (starting at 5pm MST, 6pm CST and 7pm EST) – download and go to to join meeting ID #612226100 - also see all the details below for joining by phone, although video is better!

The remaining sessions scheduled in Jan and Feb are:

·      Fri Jan 20, at 7-8:15pm (starting at 8pm MST, 9pm CST and 10pm EST) at

·      Sun Jan 29, 9-10:15am PST (starting at 10am MST, 11am CST and 12pm EST) at

·      Tues Feb 7, 5-6:15pm (starting at 6pm MST, 7pm CST and 8pm EST) at

·      Fri Feb 10, at 4-5:15pm PST (starting at 5pm MST, 6pm CST and 7pm EST) at

·      Fri Feb 10, at 7-8:15pm (starting at 8pm MST, 9pm CST and 10pm EST) at

·      Tues Feb 14, at 4-5:15pm PST (starting at 5pm MST, 6pm CST and 7pm EST) at

·      Tues Feb 14, at 7-8:15pm (starting at 8pm MST, 9pm CST and 10pm EST) at

·      Thurs Feb 23, at 4-5:15pm PST (starting at 5pm MST, 6pm CST and 7pm EST) at

·      Thurs Feb 23, at 8-9:15pm (starting at 9pm MST, 10pm CST and 11pm EST) at

Learn more about Laureli Shimayo at and ThriveTypes at


Order Laureli’s recent book on the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes here.

Buy Laureli’s Conscious Online Dating Guide here.

Watch Laureli’s dating history at:

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Topic: Conscious Online Dating Group Jan 20 @4pm PST
Time: Jan 20, 2017 4:00 PM (GMT-8:00) Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap (US Toll):  +14086380968,612226100# or +16465588656,612226100#

Or Telephone:
    Dial: +1 408 638 0968 (US Toll) or +1 646 558 8656 (US Toll)
    Meeting ID: 612 226 100
    International numbers available:

Background on Laureli and ThriveTypes for Conscious Online Dating:

Because eyes are a window to the soul, they are a great way to find your soulmate. In our group you’ll learn the 4 Lessons of Love (and Dating/Relationships), explore the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes, receive mini eye readings of yourself and your exes or current attractions to realize your patterns, learn how to screen to identify people who are a better match, and discover how to write and tune your online dating profile to attract your soulmate.

The 4 Lessons of Love are 4 typical attraction patterns that correlate with our consciousness evolution. As we grow through developmental stages, learning to accept and love who we are, who we are attracted to and how we interact with them changes. Dating and romantic relationships are a great way to observe our patterns and to shift them and grow.

I see where people are in the 4 Lessons of Love by reading their eyes, assessing their ThriveTypes, and comparing what I see in them to what I see in the eyes of people they are attracted to. This is why online dating is so powerful. We can assess our patterns without ever going on a date! We can also begin to change our patterns without ever going on a date! When ready to go on a date, we can choose people that are a perfect fit for the lesson we’re at – stretching us just enough that we can integrate, embody, and grow even more! And of course, the best matched partners will grow with us, at the pace we want…

When I read a person’s eyes with ThriveTypes, I look at all of their traits. The traits that allow our patterns to be most obvious and that typically allow us to make the biggest and quickest shifts are the 7 Talents. I’ll share the basics on the 7 Talents – their gifts, triggers and underbellies plus a bit about their lessons – so you can begin to recognize which you have, which you don’t, and how to grow.

Ideally bring photos of your parents and exes with you that you can show on the screen. Facebook is great for this.

I’m able to share the basics of how to write a profile and choose photos that represent who you really are and describe the type of deep connection you want. Know it’s okay if you scare off people who are not the right fit – you’ll attract those who are!

Bring your current online dating profile too, and I’ll give you suggestions for edits.