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True Path Entrepreneur Interview

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Watch my interview on Beth Weinstein's series The True Path Entrepreneur: Learn the Specific Steps to Live Your Purpose, Grow Your Business, and Attract Epic Abundance, on Your Terms! Click here: www.TruePathEntrepreneur/LaureliShimayo

My interview airs today! Join ASAP and hear from 33 other great entrepreneurs!


So many people aren't doing what they love. Statistically, at least half of us aren't, and likely it is many more.

Are you one of them?

Maybe you're already an entrepreneur or dream of becoming one - so you can do what you really want: live your purpose, do work on your own terms, and profit from your passion.

My colleague Beth Weinstein has travelled this path, as I have and we're on a mission to help you follow your heart and succeed with unprecedented ease.

Beth has created a complimentary virtual training series called "The True Path Entrepreneur: Learn the Specific Steps to Live Your Purpose, Grow Your Business, and Attract Epic Abundance, on Your Terms!" It kicks off on December 4 and brings together 34 experts (including me!) to share concrete steps you can begin taking immediately to feel joy and experience success by building or growing your own dream business.

Sign up to join us here --> Take Action Now to Grow Your Biz

You'll get so much more than information. We are passionate.

We're giving you real-life guidance and concrete steps so you don't waste time and get great results faster with less effort. Discover:

  • How to follow your heart, identify your purpose, and turn your passion into a profitable business.
  • Specific ways to get your gifts out into the world, as quickly as possible, so you can transform lives AND start pulling in money, fast.
  • Strategies for moving past fears, limiting beliefs, and mindset blocks that every entrepreneur faces, so you can avoid common mistakes and overcome obstacles.
  • A holistic approach to the different mental, physical, emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of business ownership, so you make progress quickly.
  • How to sell, market, and promote in an authentic, heart-based way that brings in financial flow. 
  • And more!  

Beth is a great person to host this training. A natural entrepreneur at heart, she too was stuck for a long time doing work that made her miserable. She suffered through work that killed her mentally, physically, and spiritually. Out of alignment with her dreams, desires, true purpose, and highest self, she played it safe for fifteen long years, before finally deciding the "safety net" was no longer worth the pain of giving up on her dream; that's when she took the leap to follow her heart and start her own business. It wasn't easy, and she learned the hard way, through lots of trial and error.

This interview-style training is her way of guiding as many people as she can through struggles common to the early entrepreneur-so they know exactly what to do and when to do it-thereby bypassing all the trial and error she went through ... and so much of the fears, doubts, chaos, questioning, and mindsets that keep entrepreneurs stuck doing things that don't fulfill them, for far too long. 

Enjoy this opportunity to receive a combination of practical and effective business coaching and mindset coaching to get you where you really want to be - for FREE!

Ready? Click to reserve your spot at The True Path Entrepreneur.

Our team is on a mission to help you grow a successful, heart-centered and soul-centered business and live a life full of freedom, fun, abundance, fulfillment and ease.

What better mission is there?

We all aim to share what we've learned so your journey is faster and easier and smoother than ours have been. 

Click here now to sign up to join us, to make your dream a reality --> Follow Your True Path.

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