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Spring Clean Your Soul to Ignite Freedom & Power Intuitive Panel in Portland

  • New Renaissance Bookshop 1338 Northwest 23rd Avenue Portland, OR, 97210 United States (map)

An Intuitive Panel for “Spring Cleaning” Your Soul

wtih Laureli Shimayo, Heather Mist Smith, Jesse Dujari, & Kirstin

Jump start your spiritual growth this year by clearing out metaphysical cobwebs. Dust off your aura, cut entangling cords, send off spirits that haven’t crossed, and step out of any masks. 2017 is the year to ignite your soul flame, express your power and claim your freedom. The panel will answer at least one question from each participant. They’ll either align on one powerful response which includes a springtime cleansing “practice” or give you several responses to choose from.

The panel consists of Intuitive Eye Reader Laureli Shimayo, Akashic Energy Healer Heather Mist Smith, Consciousness Expander Jesse Dujari, and Intuitive Guide Kirstin.

We love to support people to stand for what they know in their heart and soul and to make a difference for others and the planet.

Bring photos of people (making sure their eyes are showing) whom you have questions about.

Fri. Mar. 31, 6:30-8:30pm, $20