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Meet Your Authentic Self: Conscious Dating & 4 Lessons of Love

  • Third Street Center 520 South Third Street Carbondale (map)

Meet Your Authentic Self: Conscious Dating & The 4 Lessons of Love with Laureli Shimayo and Ardis Hoffman

I believe everyone reads information in each other’s eyes. You can confirm this if you notice an awareness that something is missing when looking at someone wearing dark sunglasses. Laureli reads ThriveTypes, a set of archetypes for thriving, in people’s eyes to describe their soul. ThriveTypes are particularly useful in romantic relationships for recognizing our repeating, unhealthy dating patterns and shifting to attract and be attractive to better-matching partners.

Most people are navigating a set of 4 Lessons in dating and relationships, choosing partners who are:
1. like one or more of their parents, which brings up family of origin issues
2. different than themselves, often the most difficult people to be with
3. mirrors who are like themselves, with whom there is naturally easy and deep connection, plus this is the fastest way to grow in loving yourself
4. expressing a similar purpose, who often also make great partners for sharing contributions in work as well

Most people are repetitively choosing partners who are a combination of Lessons 1 & 2, whereas Lesson 3 is so much more fulfilling, easy and joyful.

In this workshop, Laureli will explain the psychology underlying the 4 Lessons of Love, provide exercises and mini Eye Readings of you and exes (bring photos of them and of your parents!) to help you determine where you are in these lessons, and provide lots of tips for consciously connecting with partners who represent your Lessons 3 & 4. For those dating online, recommendations for Conscious Online Dating will be provided as well.

All relationship lifestyles are welcome.

This event will be followed by a free Conscious Singles Social.

Laureli Shimayo is a life, leadership and love coach, matchmaker, teacher and author. She offers Intuitive Eye Readings of ThriveTypes and Body Psychology Coaching to empower people and organizations to thrive. A series of events and private sessions with Laureli are available in Carbondale May 10-15.

Ardis Hoffman is a heart-centered lifestyle coach focusing on self-love and connection with others. She offers private sessions with individuals, couples and families who need support in creating a more heart-centered life.

Fee: Special Pricing, $40

More info at www.DatingPatternsAndPurpose and