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Eye Readings Talk at Healthy Transformations Event: Fun Fitness & Fabulous Food

I'm thrilled to be part of Tammy Wilson Smith's Healthy Transformations event Fun Fitness and Fabulous Food.

What a line up of guest speakers we have for the 2nd session. Beginning March 5th! Complimentary 30 min introductions to an inclusive array of health support, during our fabulous food breakfast at 9:30am.

March 5th: Heidi Snider with LEVEL
March 7th: Nancy Bomgardner: Melaluca: toxic free skin care and more
March 12th: Susie Hindle Kher: Radiant RiverWellness: 
energy clearing with chakras)
March 14th: Andrianna Cseri: H20@ home
March 19th: Hester Morrissey: Ayurvedic pulse readings
March 21st: Laureli Shimayo: intuitive eye readings
March 26th: Deborah Everhart: Ruby Ribbon (AHHH!)
April 2nd: Kristen Jawad: Fabulous foot soaks! (more AHHH!)
April 9th: Susan Pullen: True Radiance Healing Arts

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Eyes Are the Window to Your Soul: Intuitive Eye Readings with ThriveTypes

We all know eyes are the window to your soul. The light energy that shines through our eyes reveals our unique genius, natural gifts, greatest strengths and deepest capacity. Following our soul energy is our quickest access to ease, joy and fulfillment. Laureli Shimayo does Intuitive Eye Readings to translate a person's soul energy as a set of archetypes that point to their life purpose, ideal career paths, most aligned romantic partners, growth lessons and much more.

Learn about the ThriveTypes archetypes and a glimpse of what Laureli sees in your eyes.

Laureli Shimayo is an Intuitive Eye Reader, Body Psychology Coach, Matchmaker and Career Guide, plus she runs Metaphysical Empowerment & Wellness Events throughout the northwest - with a monthly Fair starting in Redmond on April 28 (last Saturdays).

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