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Online Class: Conscious Dating Online w/Intuitive Eye Readings


This class is a combination of:

1) common subconscious and often problematic attraction patterns - 4 Lessons of Love,

2) unique ways to conscious hack these to attract and be attractive to aligned soul partners - Intuitive Eye Readings, explained plus sample readings of you and partners/exes - bring photos, and

3) lots of tips for Conscious Online Dating for those desiring to connect in this way (I recommend it!) - great for newbies and experienced online daters.

More of my approach is described below:

We all read information in each other’s eyes. You can confirm that you do this yourself by noticing that something is missing when you look at someone wearing dark sunglasses.

Subconsciously, we all choose partners based on what we see in their eyes. We have no idea we do this. Our default patterning can influence or even control who we are attracted to. What if you could choose your attractions consciously? Who would you choose? Why?

I read ThriveTypes, a set of archetypes for thriving, in people’s eyes to describe their soul. ThriveTypes are particularly useful in romantic relationships for recognizing our repeating, unhealthy dating patterns and shifting to consciously attract and be attracted to better matched partners and optionally soulmates or twin flames.

Most people are navigating a set of 4 Lessons in dating and relationships, subconsciously (or consciously!) choosing partners who are:
1. like one or more of their parents, which brings up family of origin issues (or the opposite of their parents)

2. different than themselves, often the most difficult people to be with

3. mirrors who are like themselves, with whom there is naturally easy and deep connection, plus this is the fastest way to grow in loving yourself

4. expressing a similar purpose, who often also make great partners for sharing contributions in work as well as romance

Most people are subconsciously and repetitively choosing partners who are a combination of Lessons 1 & 2, whereas Lesson 3 is so much more fulfilling, easy and joyful. In this workshop, Laureli will explain the psychology underlying the 4 Lessons of Love, provide exercises and mini Eye Readings of you and exes (bring photos of them and of your parents!) to help you determine where you are in these lessons, and provide lots of tips for consciously connecting with partners who represent your Lessons 3 & 4.

For those dating online, lots of recommendations for Conscious Online Dating will be provided as well. If you have a profile, bring it!

All relationship lifestyles are welcome. Teens are welcome too.

Class includes 1) my Conscious Online Dating Guide with a list of words you can use in your online dating profile based on your ThriveTypes and lots of other great tips for online dating ad 2) a PDF of the slide presentation.

Class is on Sunday April 28, 2019 from 6-8:30pm PT, 7-9:30pm MT, 8-10:30pm CT, 9-11:30pm ET online at: link coming soon.

More info is at and

Online Class is $30
Register and pay here: or at the door.

Also offered on May 11 from 3-5:30pm PT, May 31 from 4-6:30pm PT and May 31 from 7-9:30pm PT.

This event is on Facebook at:

Register and pay at Be sure to give us your email address!
(A previous class is also available for you to watch whenever you like for $20, and the standalone Conscious Online Dating Guide is available for $5).

Complete Intuitive Eye Readings of all your ThriveTypes with some info on your parents and exes are also available for $2-4/minute (in public or private, shorter or longer session). Contact for more details.

Laureli Shimayo is a life, leadership and love coach, matchmaker, teacher and author. She offers Intuitive Eye Readings of ThriveTypes and Body Psychology Coaching to empower people and organizations to thrive.

Later Event: April 29