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Free Online Intro Class: Become an Intuitive Eye Reader

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We all know that eyes are the window to the soul. The light that shines through our eyes reveals our unique genius, natural gifts, greatest strength and deepest capacity. Learn to read a person’s eyes and see their soul: reveal their life purpose and quickest access to ease, joy and fulfillment.

There are 7 Talents in ThriveTypes archetypes (Talents, Lessons, Motivation, Communication, Decision-Making, Defense, etc.). The most important trait of ThriveTypes is a person's Talents. Laureli will describe all 7 Talents, their great contributions and lessons, and share a bit of how she sees them in eyes.

When you recognize and reflect a person’s Talents they feel deeply seen and it often prompts spiritual growth and empowers big leaps along career path and relationships.

Subconsciously we all already “read” each other’s eyes – learn to do so with conscious awareness and make a big impact!

ThriveTypes are useful for tuning a person's career path, finding compatible romantic partners, recognizing and achieving one's soul or life purpose, growing spiritually, and much more.

This Free Intro Class will be followed by a 7 Class Series on how to Read the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes in people's eyes. Details below!

Much more info about ThriveTypes is at along with Laureli's book on the 7 Talents, The Sweet Spot: Leveraging Your Talents in Leadership and Life.

This FREE Intro Class is on Thursday August 8, 6:30-8pm PT (9:30-11pm ET)

Class will be online at:

If you are interested in a deeper dive at learning to read people's eyes, join the Online Course, with an entire 2.5 hour class on Each Talent - classes are $40 each or $250 for all 7. Each class is 6:30-9pm on Zoom:
- Priest/ess Vision on Wednesday September 4
- Server Love on Sunday September 8
- Sage Communication on Wednesday September 11
- Artisan Creativity on Thursday September 12
- King/Queen Power on Sunday September 15
- Warrior Efficiency on Thursday September 19
- Scholar Knowledge on Sunday September 22
All classes will be recorded and available by video if you miss them.

This event is on Facebook at