2018 Coaching Packages

Make HUGE LEAPS in Leadership, Life and Love!

Sessions can combine any of my tools - Intuitive Eye Readings, Body Psychology, Goals/Strategy and topics such as Life Purpose, Relationships, Dating, Matchmaking, Career/Resume, Leadership, Learning to Read Eyes, Coach Training - and any topics, any challenges, any possibilities.

Schedule a free session with Laureli to explore your goals and whether an Eye Reading or Coaching Session feels aligned with and empowering of your path.

Intuitive Eye Readings

  • All Your ThriveTypes + 1 Hour - $275
  • Your Talents & Lessons + 3/4 Hour - $175

Coaching Sessions & Packages

  • Time by Time - $175/hr
  • 4+ Hours - $150/hr ($600)
  • 8+ Hours - $125/hr ($1000)
  • Half an Hour Every Week
    • 4 Months - $995
    • 6 Months - $1425
    • 1 Year - $2750
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Laureli's specialities are ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Readings and Body Psychology, which she combines with her training in psychotherapy, conscious loving and living, business strategy, human resources and leadership coaching. Learn more about Laureli and her coaching here.

“More value in 30 minutes than 5 years of therapy!” – Pair of Business & Romantic Partners

“You take really speculative ideas and see potential – immediacy of action, no delay.” – CEO

“Honestly, it felt like you affirmed what I was feeling but did not really understand how to express – I have never felt ‘seen’ so clearly and immediately.” – Clinical Psychologist

“I was impressed when I first met you – it seemed as if you almost knew me better than I knew myself.” – Employee

“I wouldn’t hire anyone without you!” – Executive Director

“I credit your coaching for finding a good match that matches ME.” – Leadership Consultant

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