Thanks for listening to Laureli’s interview on the Relationship Rejuvenation Retreat with Halcyone and Crystal Dawn. 

As you heard, Laureli’s Intuitive Eye Readings and ThriveTypes archetypes can help you better:
understand yourself and your partner,
decrease defensiveness and frustration,
plus increase joy and connection!

These tools are also great for recognizing with whom you’re compatible so you avoid repeating past relationship challenges and lessons.

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Laureli is a Connectress, having been a life, leadership and love coach for 10 years. Her speciality is ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Readings which she combines with training and/or certification in body psychology, psychotherapy, conscious loving and living, business strategy, and leadership coaching to empower you to achieve all you desire. Learn more about Laureli and her coaching here.

“More value in 30 minutes than 5 years of therapy!” – Pair of Business & Romantic Partners

“I was impressed when I first met you – it seemed as if you almost knew me better than I knew myself.” – Employee