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Intuitive Eye Readings, Intuitive Hand Analysis + Energy Healing with Coffee

  • C & P Coffee 5612 California Avenue Southwest Seattle, WA, 98136 United States (map)

Join us for great coffee and intuitive readings! Laureli and Tara will share their work on Wednesday, September 21, from 10am to 2pm. We'll both offer free samples and sessions for a fee.

Laureli Shimayo will share her Intuitive Eye Readings with ThriveTypes archetypes for discovering your life purpose, tuning your career path, empowering relationships, matchmaking, spiritual healing and catalyzing your growth journey. One of Laureli's passions is conscious online dating - she screens the eyes of possible dates to find your soulmates. When Laureli reads the energy shining through your eyes, you'll feel fully seen as never before. Bring photos of people (showing their eyes) that you'd like Laureli to share about. 720-352-2434

Tara Basile will share her Intuitive Hand Analysis and Energy Healing. Your unique fingerprints have been imprinted on your hands since 14 weeks in utero, and they hold deep meaning in regard to the life you were meant to lead. This non-predictive form of modern palmistry reflects who you are at a soul-level and points to areas in your life where you may be stuck. If you are curious about your life path, if you are at a crossroads and feeling stuck, or maybe you feel you need some guidance about the next steps to take, Hand Analysis offers clarity and direction toward that sweet spot of greater life satisfaction. 617-957-1530