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Free Coaching: New Year! Time to Play a New Game - Online

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Late December and early January are great times to look both backwards and forwards.

Now is a great opportunity to look back - to complete, celebrate and appreciate. Small steps can be big accomplishments. Don't feel shy about celebrating, as this is an important step to opening to achieve and receive more in the upcoming year.

It is also a great time to explore your 2017. We'll imagine it is December 31, 2017 and go from there. You can explore in words or images. Get out paper and your favorite writing implement or magazines and scissors.

Explore in ways that are pleasurable. This is for you.

I'll lead everyone in 2016 Completions and 2017 Visioning. And I'll coach you in creating goals for 2017. You can focus on any and all aspects of your experience - leadership/work, life and love/relationships.

If you'd like a colorful gameboard for the intentions you create, look at my blog at

Join me on Monday, January 2, 5-7pm PST at

After the event I'll be available for ongoing coaching to CREATE and WIN your 2017 GAME! I can connect with you privately, or if you'd like to share sessions with 1-3 friends, we can do that as well.

I coach people in leadership, life and love and am eager to explore any topic that arises! Learn more about me and my coaching at