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Laureli's Video Interview with Orchid Tao Airs TODAY on The Extraordinary Love Series

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My interview on the Extraordinary Love Series with Orchid Tao airs TODAY! Watch at to learn:

1. How and Why You’ve Been Choosing the Wrong Partners and How to Stop Doing This: The 4 Lessons of Love
2. How ThriveTypes® Intuitive Eye Readings Are the Window to Your Soulmate
3. How to Date Consciously Online to Find and Create Extraordinary Love

Watch and get my FREE gift: Eyes Are the Window to Your Soulmate: A 19 Page Guide to Using ThriveTypes® Eye Readings for Conscious Online Dating

This downloadable ebook provides a step-by-step guide for realizing and expressing your true self and radiating this authenticity to find your soulmate. This is accomplished with ThriveTypes Eye Readings because eyes are window to your soul and to your soulmates! Tips are provided for:

  • Recognizing and shifting old attractions and dating patterns based on the 4 Lessons of Love
  • Radiating your authentic self with the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes
  • Tuning your online dating profile words and photos to show the real you
  • Reading the eyes, words and behavior of potential dates to find great dates and fulfilling and lasting love

I've been coaching, matchmaking and reading people’s eyes for over 10 years. I've got training and/or certification in Archetypes, Body Psychology, Somatic Psychotherapy, and Coaching in Leadership, Life and Love. Earlier in her career, I was a scientist and researcher. Using ThriveTypes, I completely changed my career and also completely shifted whom I date to soulmates.

Here is more info on the entire series:

Want to Find a Great Partner and Extraordinary Lasting Love?

Are you tired of giving yourself to the wrong partners and dealing with the heartache of failed relationships? Do you want to finally get dating and relationships right, so you can find The One and enjoy extraordinary love that actually lasts? Let me show you exactly how to make this a reality.

First of all, your right partner - the one you truly want - does indeed exist. HE/SHE EXISTS!!! And, secondly, they’d be ecstatic to find YOU - the extraordinary love of their life - TOO!

So HOW do you bridge yourself to this partner and start your incredible love story together already? Well, it’s not just going to magically happen. That’s fairytale and fantasy.

In real life, extraordinary love takes extraordinary action, including gaining effective dating and relationship knowledge, skills, and tools, which is exactly why I’ve partnered with my trusted friend and colleague, ORCHID TAO.

Orchid is known as The Mindful Love Coach, and she’s a dating and relationship BADASS!

Recently, she created a FREE Video Interview Series called…

THE EXTRAORDINARY LOVE SERIES: How to Find Your RIGHT Partner and Create the Lasting and Fulfilling Relationship You Truly Want.


This incredible interview series features nearly 50 of the world’s BEST experts! And, I’m so honored to be among them along with the legendary Gay and Katie Hendricks, Arielle Ford, Allana Pratt and many more high-caliber folks!

This is a truly profound love education resource for you - one that explodes with the most effective tips, tools, and strategies for dating and relationships that exist on the planet - all for the purpose of helping you find your great partner, so you can have extraordinary lasting love as soon as possible!


This Free Video Interview Series is exactly right for you if you want to learn how to:

• Date smartly, so you stop wasting precious time, energy, and love on wrong people
• Expand your circle of targeted men to increase your dating possibilities
• Break negative dating and relationship patterns
• Heal and let go of old wounds
• Identify limiting subconscious beliefs and behaviors that sabotage love
• Cultivate deep self-love and self-confidence (no matter your age, weight, history, etc.)
• Open your heart and trust yourself again, so you can be courageously vulnerable and create intimacy
• Understand major differences between men and women
• Behold your amazing feminine power
• Have better sex with more intimacy
• Communicate your needs in healthy and effective ways that get you what you want from men
• Determine who’s really right and compatible for you
• Create a healthy, happy, and loving relationship that lasts
• And so much more!!!

We’re airing very soon, so REGISTER TO GET FREE ACCESS NOW at before you miss out on the very thing(s) you need to finally meet your right man and experience the best love of your life!

Once you gain access to The Extraordinary Love Series, all of the exclusive video interviews will be conveniently delivered straight to your inbox!

Trust me - you’ll never be TRULY HAPPY and FULFILLED with anything less, so don’t miss out on this valuable opportunity to get a profound love education and skill up for the extraordinary love of your life!


Wishing you all the love you never thought was possible,
Laureli Shimayo

P.S. Do nothing, get nothing. Take extraordinary action, get extraordinary love…Get FREE access to The Extraordinary Love Series now at -->>