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Learn to Read Eyes: Talent Order, Maturity & More, ONLINE

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We're adding one more class to our Learn to Read Eyes: The 7 Talents series. Now that you've seen all the Talents (

  • How do you distinguish the 1st Talent from the 2nd?
  • When you see action, how to tell if it is Warrior or King/Queen?
  • When you see feelings, how to tell if it is Priestess or Server?
  • When you see ideas, how to tell if it is Scholar or Artisan?
  • Which Talents are easy to have all together and easy when interacting and which are hard?
  • How do the Talents change with age - in photos?
  • Which Talents are better for which careers?
  • Which Talents are better in romantic relationships?
  • And more.
  • Plus, get lots of practice reading eyes by comparing twins...

We'll review al this and bring the individual classes all together in a summary. 

If you participated in the entire series ($250), this is free. Drop-in is $40. Sign up by contacting to get an invoice or by paying at PayPal.Me/LaureliShimayo

We'll meet on Sunday April 15 at 6pm PT at

More details about the series is at