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Wellness Professionals Network - 1st Time it Free, Join us! in Seattle

  • Atlas Workbase 500 Mercer Street Seattle, WA, 98109 United States (map)

WPN Monthly Meeting (Seattle)

We welcome wellness practitioners who provide a wellness service (not solely products) to attend a WPN meeting as our guest and learn about this unique and awesome group of professionals who walk the talk to best support wellness and all this entails in our local, regional and global community.

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The Scoop: Wellness Professionals Network practitioners collectively support individual and community wellness through a network of services from a wide range of wellness modalities. WPN focus is on creating, restoring, and maintaining wellness through professional services and tools, creating personal connections, cross-referrals to complementary practitioners, and public programs to support wellness education, outreach, creating a sense of belonging for everyone, and fun!

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PRESENTATION 1: "Life Activation: Ancient Technology for Modern Times"

Science tells us that 3% of the DNA is directly related to the physical traits we carry. What is the other 97% all about? The Ancient Mystery Schools have long taught that alongside things like our ancestral heritage, and our personality traits, the DNA contains information about who we are spiritually. Our gifts and talents, our energetic make up, and most importantly, our unique Life Purpose is all coded in the DNA. The Life Activation is a one-of-a-kind modality that wakes up dormant DNA information to put us more in touch with our spiritual selves.

Vila Loukas has been a Life Activation practitioner for over 10 years--activating the spiritual DNA of hundreds of clients. She operates House of Healing Center of Light in Lynnwood offering Modern Mystery School methods and modalities as both private sessions and workshops and classes.

PRESENTATION 2: “Headaches: When the problem is in your Gut not your Head"

There are many causes for headaches and migraines - they can be structural, chemical or even related to childhood trauma. Despite the complexity of the causes, one important place to start healing is the GI system. See real case studies of clients who overcame parasites, bacterial infections, yeasts and viruses that resulted in a dramatic reduction in their sensitivity to migraine triggers. 

Erin Knight, founder of Engineering Radiance, believes that no one should miss out on life because of migraine headaches. Erin has her Masters in Pharmaceutical Engineering from the University of Michigan and advanced training in functional nutrition and nutrigenomics. She suffered from debilitating migraines for over a decade before uncovering the underlying biochemical causes and went on to reverse engineer what worked. This led to the development of her 4-step Migraine Freedom process that is now a blueprint for thousands of people looking for root-cause solutions to their migraine pain.


(Note: Free parking entrance for Atlas Workbase is on Taylor and Atlas clearly marked on the elevator just above QFC on floor C2. Seattle monthly meetings are 3rd-Mondays and included with full WPN membership. Arrive any time after 9:45 to add business cards to welcome table, check-in, and connect with WPN members. We also meet 1st-Tuesdays In Redmond since January 2016. Non-members are warmly invited to attend a free first meeting as our guest, and here's the link for membership inquiries:

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