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I'm a matchmaker and a conscious online dating coach. I'm passionate about healthy, collaborative, mutually enlivening relationships. We can all learn and grow...and I believe that the best relationships start our great. The people in it are naturally a great fit with each other. They connect so well from the start because they are similar - it is like falling in love with oneself. Some people call these soulmates or twin flames. I know that they are a good match.

I believe that eyes are a window to the soul. Therefore eyes also are a window to our soulmates - and to such matches.

I am a people scientist, a personality scientist, and I've become an intuitive artist. I'm great at noticing details and patterns and building them together in system. So what do I do? I read eyes. I recognize a person's soul, and I share it as a set of archetypes - simple and complex. And then I match people together. I love to do this online - hence conscious online dating and matchmaking.

Want a sample? Join in this event? I'll do Facebook Live for an hour. Anyone can join.

Ideally come in by video so I can see your eyes. Or you can post photos of yourself and others you are dating or considering dating. I'll read and make recommendations.

To learn more about my philosophy see and

This event is on Sunday June 2, from 4-5pm PT (5-6pm MT, 6-7pm CT, 7-8pm ET).

This event is on Facebook at:

Complete Intuitive Eye Readings of all your ThriveTypes with some info on your parents and exes are also available for $2-4/minute (in public or private, shorter or longer session). Contact for more details.

Laureli Shimayo is a life, leadership and love coach, matchmaker, teacher and author. She offers Intuitive Eye Readings of ThriveTypes and Body Psychology Coaching to empower people and organizations to thrive.