Conscious [Online] Dating Coaching & Matchmaking

I’m passionate about conscious relationships. They are super fulfilling, enjoyable and a great way to grow!

[My next Conscious Online Dating Classes are Wednesday October 23, 7-9:30pm in Seattle; Friday November 8, 6:30-9pm in Everett; and Sunday December 1, 4-6:30pm Online. I’ll also be hosting a Conscious Singles Social on Saturday, November 23, 6-9pm.]

Personally, I walk my talk. I’ve been through a huge growth journey with dating and relationships.

My aim is to distill my learnings into easily accessible formats - dating guides, classes, and coaching - so you can see and grow through your own lessons quickly. I want you to connect and relate with great people…while showing up fully present as the best version of you that’s possible. Are you ready?

Below is my ~15 min video Dating Patterns & Purpose. it describes my philosophy in the context of my own journey.

Dating Patterns & Purpose

So where are you in your dating and relationship lessons (see video above)?

Are you ready to be with a more conscious partner who sees, groks (understands intuitively) and appreciate who you really are? If so, keep exploring here!

I'm a savvy matchmaker and online dating coach, so I often recommend clients use online dating. My dating tools work very well with meeting in person too, or as one client calls it, "dating in the wild."

If you are currently doing or considering doing online dating, a great first step is to take (i.e., watch) my Conscious Online Dating Class. It goes into deeper details on my approach and philosophy, provides great tips for doing online dating so much effectively, and comes with my Conscious Online Dating Guide (available separately too).

The main tool I use in my matchmaking work is Intuitive Eye Readings with ThriveTypes. ThriveTypes are the set of archetypes that describe who you are, your purpose, and the easiest way you likely can do everything you choose to do. I recognize a person’s ThriveTypes in their eyes, and just as “eyes are a window to your soul” they also are a “window to your soulmates” and great dates.

Most people are subconsciously attracted to (and attracting) the most challenging people for them to be with. ThriveTypes archetypes provide an explanation for why and how we do this...and also a way to instead choose and attract great partners consciously!

“Laureli told me I need to be with someone like me. That was so monumental!” - Accountant, Engaged to be Married

Want to know your ThriveTypes? Let me read your eyes.

Here are options for how you can step in:

  • Dating Patterns & Purpose: 15 min video, watch it up above and at

  • Free Intro Mini Session: ~20 min by video to meet me, learn more, get a sample

  • Conscious Online Dating Guide: many tips on dating patterns and dating online, consciously, $5

  • Sweet Spot Book on the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes: $18 (10% Off)

  • Conscious Online Dating Class: subconscious patterns, healthy choices, tons of tips, includes Guide, $20-$45

  • 30 Minute Video Session: get my feedback on your profile and insight on up to 5 people (e.g., you, parents, exes, possible dates) when you bring profile/photos to our session, $100 (16.5% Off)

  • 1 Hour ThriveTypes Session & Sweet Spot Book: you send photos, I prepare a report on all your ThriveTypes, we meet to explore and you get insight on you, many more people, your profile, etc., $295

  • Customized Soulmate Guide: get a written and visual guide for recognizing YOUR soul matches - I’ll make it just for you, $50

  • Learn to Read Eyes Class(es): watch individual recorded video classes or the entire series on the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes to learn to recognize people with your problematic patterns (so you avoid them) and those who match your soul, so you write to the best people for you, $30 each or $190 for a 7+1 class series, details here

  • Feedback on ~20 People: learn about potential dates by text or email - a simple yes/no/maybe (get a few more than 20) or a deeper dive into their ThriveTypes (get slightly fewer than 20), $150 (~$7.50 each)

  • Conscious Dating Sessions by the Minute or Hour: we can log into your online dating site and screen to find the best people for you, I can coach you on writing to and responding to them and much more, $125-$175/hour, details here

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Conscious Online Dating Class

The class includes tons of tips for advanced online daters and great basic info for beginners, including: recognizing challenging subconscious patterns and their source, shifting to healthy conscious choices for attracting and being attracted to an aligned soul, tuning your profile, taking new photos, and searching for and writing to your most aligned dates. My Conscious Online Dating Guide is included with the class along with a PDF of the presentation.

1. Video Recorded Class: $20 (~2 hours)

Watch Anytime (text me for quick access 720.352.2434)

2. Live Online Class: $30 (~2 hours)

Sunday December 1, 4-6:30pm PT

3. Live in-Person Class with Matchmaking & Coaching at:

Wednesday October 23, 7-9:30pm in Seattle, $35

Friday November 8, 6:30-9pm in Everett, Includes Dessert & Tea, $45

Contact Laureli to schedule another class!

Class Options
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Are you aiming to avoid the possible pain of dating and online dating in particular: choosing the same type of partner and problems again, scammers, liars, few replies, bad dates, and wasting time going nowhere? 

Are you ready instead for conscious connection, transparency, authenticity, co-creativity, passion, playfulness, curiosity and growing together - for an easy, deeply connected relationship that lasts?

If you're conscious and authentic in so much of your life and want to go on dates with conscious and mature people with whom you might create a conscious and authentic partnership - with ease - you've come to the right place.

My Conscious Online Dating tools make the process quick, easy and super effective at finding and connecting with conscious dates and creating conscious relationships! I’ve matched myself and hundreds of others. Many conscious partners - past clients and many of my friends - now live together, are engaged, and are growing together! [For example, learn how to take the best online dating photos at this blog.]

Are you ready for a conscious relationship now?

With ThriveTypes, you’ll:

·      clarify your great contributions and needs in relationship
·      amp up the authenticity of your online dating profile and photos (e.g., get your natural Talents in your profile and your Masks out)
·      radiate your consciousness to attract conscious dates (share your World View)
·      identify and end old relationship patterns so you don’t repeat them
·      choose conscious dates who mirror you, really see you and meet you - plus authentically share themselves

With dating coaching, you’ll:

·      choose the best online dating sites
·      simplify writing and responding to dates to get more and better replies
·      show up more authentically in all your romantic interactions
·      more easily say NO when someone is not right for you
·      shift and evolve your attractions to healthier (and better for you) people
·      recognize potential soulmates and mirroring partners with increasing ease

Schedule a complimentary mini session to explore how I could support you on your dating journey!

One of most useful traits of ThriveTypes for identifying old dating patterns are a person's Talents. You can get started by looking through this website at the descriptions of the Talents and then filling out this chart:

If you want to, if you are ready, you’ll likely start a new, fulfilling relationship within 2-3 months of regular coaching with me...yes, it really can be that fast to a GREAT RELATIONSHIP.

We'll look at your ThriveTypes, chart your relationship lessons and write/tune your online dating profile and to include truly representative photos. When I've been single during the last decade, I have gone out with fewer than 7 people before my next great relationship has begun. I'm good at dating, and I want to teach and coach you so you are good at it too - so you can be in a great relationship and be done with dating!

I mentioned that I walk my talk. I’ve met my last several partners online, including my current partner of 2.5 years.

Read about my approach in this article at

Laureli co-authored a book on the 7 Talents of ThriveTypes in 2016. Order directly from or on Amazon.

Get Laureli's 19 page Conscious Dating Guide as part of her Conscious Online Dating class (or buy it here):
Eyes Are the Window to Your Soulmate: A Guide to Using ThriveTypes Eye Readings for Conscious Online Dating
by Laureli Shimayo

1. Video Recorded Class: $20 (~2 hours)

Watch Anytime (text me for quick access 720.352.2434)

2. Live Online Class: $30 (~2 hours)

Sunday December 1, 4-6:30pm PT

3. Live in-Person Class with Matchmaking & Coaching at:

Wednesday October 23, 7-9:30pm in Seattle, $35

Friday November 8, 6:30-9pm in Everett, Includes Dessert & Tea, $45

Contact Laureli to schedule another one!

Class Options

Reach out to or 720.352.2434 by phone or text with questions.

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Laureli is a Connectress, having been a matchmaker and dating coach since 2007. Her specialty is ThriveTypes Intuitive Eye Readings, and she also incorporates her training and certification in body psychology, psychotherapy, conscious loving and living, business strategy, and leadership coaching. Learn more about Laureli and her coaching here.

“Thank you, that was such a great class!  Everything you said made so much sense and really got me thinking about who I am attracted to. I've already been getting more likes on OKC, so I think those few changes you suggested have shifted something. I definitely will run people by you that I am considering.” – Single (not for long) Health Coach

“I credit your coaching for finding a good match that matches ME. He really sees me and appreciates me. It’s the first adult relationship of my life and I’m fully in.” – Leadership Consultant

“I want to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful coaching session you gave my partner on dating and relationships. Your divine counseling was instrumental in her choosing me in her search for a soulmate [last year]. I have never felt so met and in so many ways in my entire life and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.” – Soulmate

“I literally did everything you told me to do – and everything worked!” No Longer Single

"Following our epic advice on how to engage, I received this happy reply: 'Yours is the best first message I have ever received from Bumble!'" – Single (but not for long) Leadership Coach