• “Empowering insights!” – Regional VP
  • “Like Myers-Briggs on steroids.” – Principal Engineer
  • “The information you are sharing is so rich!” – Transformation Coach
  • "I was impressed when I first met you - it seemed as if you almost knew me better than I knew myself." - Employee
  • “I really like how you can verbalize these traits into something that can be more easily discussed!”  General Manager
  • “Wow, this is awesome!” – CEO
  • “You are soooooo genius at this! My first memory of meeting…you looking into my eyes and expressing my essence so accurately. I also felt the power of your energy as you ‘read’ me. So happy this is available as a service.”  Coach
  • “Your assessment, as always, was very accurate!”  Executive Coach
  • “Your insights are so spot on. We are so impressed with what you are able to see.”  Business & Romantic Partners
  • “In our two couples sessions on ThriveTypes, you were fully present and overflowing with genius. Your tosses and insights have already proven themselves to be super duper of service. My partner refused to hero me last night, for example, and it accelerated my shifting humongously – creating more time for fun and connection. In our sessions, I felt seen and celebrated – both for myself – and also seen and celebrated in my relationship. This is an area of great creativity for you – an incredible gift. Thank you!”  Romantic Partners, Coaches
  • “That was an amazing class on ThriveTypes. The Talents you said I have are uncannily accurate. And I had a lot of fun.”  Student
  • "ThriveTypes is really helping me. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders." - Technology Consultant
  • "Knowing my ThriveTypes has enabled me to go through life in a lighter, more flexible and more graceful way. I experience this especially at work, where I can easily and creatively move around and through problems and issues where others get upset, stuck and obsessed. I’m able to break things apart into manageable pieces. I feel more spacious. I can see more opportunities and choices." Engineer
  • "WOW, extremely helpful reading. Thank you!!!" Grandmother, about Eye Reading on grandchild
  • "[I] read about the traits, and they are spot-on!  The good and the bad parts of them." –  Request for a Free Glimpse
  • "ThriveTypes is really helping me. I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders." – Technology Consultant
  • "A heartfelt THANK YOU for your coaching and insight into my ThriveTypes. With this awareness, I am now going with the flow, not against it. Self expression and joy all around!" – Real Estate Agent
  • "Honestly, it felt like you affirmed what I was feeling but did not really understand how to express - and I would even go so far as to say that I had never felt 'seen' so clearly and immediately. It also triggered a massive outpouring of creativity and tons of reflection on where I am putting my energy and effort." – Clinical Psychologist
  • "I've done therapy a bunch of different times...I've done coaching with different people, both business and life coaching, and it is not until you and I looked at ThriveTypes that it started coming together for me. I'm finally realizing who I am. This is pretty powerful." – President and General Manager
  • "We are an incredible match...every day finding more similarities to marvel at. You are absolutely right - the best partner is one who is very much like you! It feels so comfortable to be able to give love in the way that it comes most naturally and have the other perceive it as their own perfect way of being loved." – Medical Office Manager
  • "Such new information! So direct and quick. So important and relevant. I had no idea I was...." – Professional Trainer and Group Facilitator
  • "I have a date tomorrow with one of the fellows you chose - so far he's been kind, calm, and sane - it's a whole new world!" – Performer
  • "I'm just amazed with our level of connection. You were spot on!" – CNA (and 3 month Engineer partner)
  • "Following our epic advice on how to engage, I received this happy reply: 'Yours is the best first message I have ever received from Bumble!'" – Single (but not for long) Leadership Coach
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